Woodhenge Press is the studio of Book Artist Sue Cotter.
Sue's work consists of letterpress printing, block printing and sometimes paper making, for her own artist books and special projects.

Sue Cotter's
artist's books are inspirational, sometimes one of a kind shadow boxes or sculptures

Ester's Milagro - 9¼ x 6 x 1¼"
Ester, a 65 year old house maid to a gringa from New Jersey lives in a village two hours’ walk and bus ride from San Miguel. She has a two-room, concrete block house with outdoor kitchen. The bathroom is out back in the bushes. All their lives the people of Ester’s village have lived without indoor plumbing. Potable water is delivered once a week by truck from San Miguel. Everyone lines up with jugs to fill.
Ester believes in milagros, miracles. Not just the kind that come from above, but the kind you make happen yourself by your own tenacity and hard work. Ester rallied the 45 families in her village to raise 600,000 pesos in 6 years. A well was drilled, pipes installed, faucets placed at each home. In October of 2006, Ester signed the final papers, a priest blessed the new well, the village had a fiesta and workmen poured the foundation for Ester’s new indoor bathroom.

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