Woodhenge Press is the studio of Book Artist Sue Cotter.
Sue's work consists of letterpress printing, block printing and sometimes paper making, for her own artist books and special projects.

Sue Cotter's
artist's books are inspirational, sometimes one of a kind shadow boxes or sculptures

Gringas - 9½ x 6 x 1¼"
There are many kinds of gringas in San Miguel. No longer considered a derogatory term, gringa has become the best word to describe a certain type– the 50-something, pale-skinned ones with funny accents, strange hats, eccentric habits. They tote large bags and yippy little dogs, wear “San Miguel sandals” and frequent the Jardin on hot afternoons. Some are wealthy southern belles with second homes. They come for face-lifts and fall in love with Mexico. Some are aging hippies who became x-pats in the 70s. Many are tourists with cameras hanging from their necks and maps in their hands. They stumble on cracks and cobbles while gawking upwards. They stop frequently to take pictures. They smile a lot and love the 2 for 1 margaritas.

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