Woodhenge Press is the studio of Book Artist Sue Cotter.
Sue's work consists of letterpress printing, block printing and sometimes paper making, for her own artist books and special projects.

What is an Artist Book?

artist book a book created for its own sake, not for the information it contains; it is a work of art in and of itself; design and format reflect its content. The experience of reading it, viewing it, is stressed by the artist. It may be a limited edition or a unique work and is generally published by the artist him/herself.
limited edition 1. a special, finely bound edition of a book, of which only a predetermined number of copies are printed 2. A collector's item of limited number
letterpress n. 1. a) the method of printing from raised surfaces, as set type b) matter printed by this method

unique adj. 1. one and only; single; sole (a unique specimen)







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